Video Gallery - Steve Sohn's Krav Maga

Knife vs. open hand

Single stick Sparring bag-work

More stick Sparring.

Knife vs. open-hand!

Back to back knife sparring, defending yourself and partner from everyone else!

Nick vs. the master, Guro Sonny Mayo

Stick Sparring!

Look how much fun everyone is having in our Teen Krav Maga class!

What are you doing at 8:30 am ???

Reactions drill!! Great way to have fun!!

Nothing like learning knife counters (Doce Pares style) on a Saturday morning! Vik and Jeff picked this up quickly. Awesome job, guys! Tuesday nights, 8:30-9 pm, join Nick for Kali/Escrima class (knife and stick) and Saturday's from 9:30-10 am for knife work!

From 8:30-9 pm on Tuesdays, our instructor Nick teaches the Filipino art of Escrima (Kali or Arnis). Check out Vic as he works with the double-stick four-count with variations. Stick around after the 7:30 Krav class and pick up some Doce Pares and Cabales Serrada Escrima. Add to your skill set as a martial artist!

Teen Krav Maga program is growing rapidly. I hope parents would begin to realize that as these kids leave the nest, there is always a possibility they may need to defend themselves when they are away from home. Also, they are a great group of kids who interact with each other socially as peers. Great program and Anthony is a great instructor. These kids love him!!! If your teen is not here, consider this as an activity that is as important as learning to swim.

Great realistic Krav Maga training last night. Watch Dan respond as he's attacked with a stick, bear hug, mugs, chokes. Perfect lighting makes for a foreboding attack. Nice job Dan.

The one, the only...