Learn Self-Defense and Get an Early Head Start

When your child reaches teenhood, he/she will be exposed to the real world and must prepare for any unexpected threats. At this age, your teen is beginning to witness good and bad influences in society. With our Krav Maga for teens, we will train our students to attain self-defense basics while being more knowledgeable of any attacks that may come his/her way. Our classes are fun and challenging and will lead our students to body awareness, better physical fitness, and a more focused mindset. 

Grow With Others and Gain New Friendships

In every class, we will teach our students how to have situational and environmental awareness. We will help them make wiser decisions and how to attack correctly. Through Krav Maga, we want our students to practice tactics and techniques and meet new friends and colleagues along the way. We value teamwork and camaraderie, and it's essential for us that our students don't just educate themselves but also shape themselves to be well-rounded, respectful, and friendly people.